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Crossing Paths with Adolescence at Midlife

April 8, 2009

Carl Jung called midlife a ‘second puberty’, so if you feel like a hormonal adolescent, relax…it’s perfectly NORMAL!

teen2As the mother of a 13 year boy, I have to admit that this phase of my life bears more than a just a passing resemblance to my son’s adolescence. Hormones flying all over the place, resulting in wild mood swings  is one obvious example. Then there’s the changing sleep patterns (him needing more, me getting less,) not to mention the physical changes and inexplicable rage with, well, just about everything!

I like to think of them as our ‘growing pains’ – where we temporarily (please God!) lose our sense of inner stability, leaving us feeling vulnerable, confused and overwhelmed all at the same time! Our growing pains herald a time of change for both of us. Just as adolescence is transforming my son from child to adult, (via some unidentifiable life form at times) the intention of my midlife transition is also to transform.

So, as my son positions himself to move ever closer to the next, adult phase of his life, I now move into the second half of mine. There’s a certain symmetry here that I like. On a good day.

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  1. IGrewUp permalink
    April 8, 2009 9:25 pm

    Did you see Benjamin Buttons movie? Very similar concept that at a certain point we could meet at a similar point in our lives even if one starts baby and one starts old man…..

    I also remember that there would be some nights that energy force field between myself and my adolescent girls would be more than anyone could take-a deadly mix:))

    Great post..

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