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Birthday Reflections

May 5, 2009

birthdayIt’s not unusual for birthdays to trigger an annual bout of reflection and mine is no exception. I’ve been thinking about the good bits of having a birthday and it’s nothing to do with presents… well okay, it’s a bit to do with presents! No, I’ve been thinking more along the lines of how they tend to reconnect you to the important people and things in your life which makes them events to be celebrated.

I’m not sure I’ve been  particularly good in the past at nurturing  my capacity to enjoy the ‘little things’ in life but I find myself doing it more and more as I get older. Maybe it’s my reaction to living in what I describe as ‘exaggerated times’ where we have developed increasingly inflated expectations in terms of what is our due.  Advance warning of a mini rant here folks….  for example, when exactly did it become obligatory for proposals to take place up the Eiffel Tower, in a hot air balloon or in flashing lights on city advertising boards? And whilst I’m in the groove here, what’s happened to good old stag nights or hen parties – when did it suddenly become mandatory for them to become week long occasions in a foreign location, rather than the customary one night of excess in some local pub or club? Yes, I know I sound like a grumpy old woman here but if we’re always looking for and anticipating the next big event the ‘little things’ can easily slip by unnoticed.

So allow me to this indulgence on my birthday as I acknowledge just some of the all important, yet often overlooked ‘little things’ for which I am truly grateful ….  a homemade birthday cake… a cup of tea in bed… the smell of freshly cut grass… kicking through crisp crunchy autumn leaves… receiving a hand written letter… oh yes, and that powerful sucking sound of the tide ebbing…

….. to be continued in my head throughout the day.. and at regular intervals throughout the coming year.

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  1. May 5, 2009 3:45 pm

    Could not agree more! I have always loved all birthdays-mine and others. I have a few friends that seem to hate them. For me, its the “little” part that is endearing. Truly, the card that says something personal and lovely. People stopping to really cherish each other. The obligatory, big deal gift that really could not be afforded or the forced togetherness is just as much a turn off. Keep it simple, sweet and real!!

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