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A-Z of Midlife: A is for Alchemy

June 30, 2009


was always going to be tricky being the first one….. although between you and me, I’m already a little anxious about x, y and z! Should it be adolescence – as in adolescence revisited, or anxiety, anger, authenticity (a strong contender), or even, dare I say it… aging? Well, it’s none of these because… A is for Alchemy – the process which sought to turn lead into gold. 

What’s alchemy got to do with midlife? Well, by the time we reach our 40’s or 50’s most of us are carrying considerable amounts of ‘lead’ aroundPure_gold with us. We tend to find them, unsurprisingly, in our ‘heavy’ feelings – the feelings of disappointment, loss and regret which weigh us down, keeping us rooted to the spot and unable to move on. It’s when we actually confront these feelings that we slowly start to recognise the transformative potential of this defining time. And that’s when the alchemy happens – when midlife becomes a unique opportunity to discover personal gold. Magic.

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