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A-Z of Midlife: C is for Change

July 3, 2009

If I was to ask you to fill in the blank in the phrase, ‘Midlife [blank]’ I suspect that a good few of you would answer, ‘Crisis.’ Midlife and crisis seem to have found themselves inextricably linked in much the same way as Torville and Dean. Indeed, the ‘midlife crisis’ has even been the inspiration for film and television – I’m thinking of good old Reggie Perrin here and of course, Shirley Valentine.

Apart from crisis, some may have filled in the blank with ‘crossroads’ or ‘challenge’ and the more optimistic amongst you might even have said, ‘choice’…. (well done that woman!) But, when it comes down to it, one thing lies at the heart of all these options. In a word, change. C is for change.

We’re not just talking physical change here, (although even that’s called ‘The Change’ in case we needed further reminding!) – our needs, values, priorities and even our brains are changing too (yes, really!).

For many women midlife is a difficult and challenging time of change but… and this is the important bit….these changes are symptomatic of an important and transformative life stage and proof that life is still very much a dynamic process at midlife with huge opportunities for personal growth.

And when you think about it, even Reggie and Shirley ultimately realised that what they were looking for wasn’t escape – it was change.

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