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A-Z of Midlife: D is for Discomfort

July 7, 2009

DMmm… I’m decidedly discombobulated about D!

There are so many ‘dis’ words associated with midlife that if I had a suspicious nature I might start to think there was  something going on here! Let’s see, there’s disillusioned, disenchanted and disorientated and of course there’s also… distracted, disgruntled, discontented and disappointed – okay, okay, enough to prove my point, I think! Well, D is for Discomfort, because it’s discomfort which lies at the heart of a common midlife feeling – of  knowing that something needs to change and not always knowing where to start.

“An uncomfortable feeling is not an enemy. It’s a gift that says, “Get honest; inquire.” We reach out for alcohol, or television, or credit cards, so we can focus out there and not have to look at the feeling. And that’s as it should be, because in our innocence we haven’t known how. So now what we can do is reach out for a paper and a pencil, write thought down, and investigate.”
Byron Katie

Your discomfort is there for a reason. It’s trying to tell you something and if you don’t listen to it, it won’t simply go away. On the contrary, it’ll gradually turn up the volume over the months and years resulting in rumbling frustration and potential unhappiness.

When you listen to your discomfort and openly investigate the root cause of this feeling, well, that’s when your discomfort can become the catalyst for positive change. ‘Get honest; inquire’

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