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A-Z of Midlife: Q is for Quantum Leap

November 17, 2009

I don’t mind admitting to you that I’ve been fretting about Q. I was rather hoping that last minute inspiration would save the day. But guess what? It didn’t! And guess what I found myself ACTUALLY doing? Yes, I went through the dictionary…. the ‘Q’ section that is, not the whole thing! (What do you take me for?)  And believe it or not, this was far more interesting than it sounds – which I guess isn’t that hard is it? For a start, it has given me an appreciation of just how few words there are in the English language that begin with this letter and secondly, I’ve committed a few of the more obscure ones to memory – so challenge me to a game of  Scrabble if you dare! And thirdly, I discovered that I am a quinquagenarian! You’d be wrong if you thought this was some obscure make of holiday hire-car because it’s actually a person aged 50 or more but less than 60. See… you learn something new everyday.

Anyway, on my second trawl through the Qs, I found what I wanted…. Q is for ‘Quantum Leap’

Quantum leap
a sudden, highly significant advance; breakthrough.

If ever there was an appropriate Q for the A – Z of midlife, this is it!

Personal growth often takes the form of a quantum leap — there may well be a number of small steps leading up to that leap but at some point we experience a radical mind-shift and from that point onwards BIG changes unfold.

I bet if you look back you’ll recognise a few quantum leap moments in your life. The one I still remember well was the day I went to work and suddenly realized I was going to quit my job this time; even though I’d thought about it many, many times before, I knew that THIS time I would do it and this time there would be no last minute change of heart and no going back. This quantum leap was undeniably scary…. but in an exhilarating rather than terrifying way.

Now, if ever there was a prime time for making a quantum leap, it’s at midlife.  For some it is as ‘sudden and dramatic’ as the word ‘leap’ implies…. but for many of us, our quantum leap is actually composed of small incremental steps… small incremental steps that result in something of major personal significance.

Have you ever had the experience where you’ve been thinking and thinking about something long and hard and then suddenly, a moment of clarity just hits you and from that moment on you know what you have to do? I’ve been privileged to witness many such ‘moments of clarity’ working with my midlife clients and I suspect that all of those who go on to make quantum leaps in their lives will remember their moment like this…their moment of clarity and decision…  where they suddenly found themselves braver and more certain than they ever believed…the moment where they experienced a shift that totally reshaped their lives.


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