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A-Z of Midlife: Y is for Yearning

April 8, 2010

Y is for YearningEvery now and then I come across a word and I find myself looking at it as if I’ve just stumbled upon it for the first time.Yearning is just such a word.

When I chose it to represent ‘Y’ in the A-Z of Midlife, I couldn’t get over what a brilliant word it was in the way it manages to encapsulate SO much. One word and yet it captures what I can only describe as an atmosphere…. a longing… a deep desire… an aching sensation for something that is not present.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I used the word ‘yearning’ in its proper context – I may have ‘yearned’ for summer sun or such like but that’s more like wishful thinking than yearning. And yet, my coaching clients often use the word when trying to vocalise that specific midlife feeling……

It is the feeling that something is missing.

It is a realisation that life is somehow ‘falling short’.

It is the desire for something more authentic.

It is an urge to fill the ‘empty’ places within us.

It is an awareness of where we are compared to where we truly want to be.

It is a pit-of-the-stomach reminder that we have lost touch with who we are and what truly matters.

It is knowing that it’s time for change, time to make different choices that bring meaning and purpose in to our life.

‘Yearning’ conveys all of this.

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