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Something’s Calling But Are You Listening?

March 13, 2012

Can you hear it…. that voice that’s been calling you for I don’t know how long?
What’s it actually saying?

If you can’t hear anything, could it be you’ve got your fingers in your ears the way children do so they don’t have to hear what they don’t want to hear?

Very often we think we don’t know what we want… or at least we convince ourselves that we don’t know what we want. We persuade ourselves that our ‘future’ is a bit of a mystery to be untangled. And sometimes that’s true.  And very often that is just so NOT true. More often, we know only too well what we want but we’re simply afraid to admit it because if we admit it, well, THEN we may just have to do something about it – and that’s the bit that scares the you-know-what out of us, isn’t it? 

  • Heed the Call
    The first step to change is to stop saying you don’t know what you want and start admitting what you do want!  “What we resist persists” is how the saying goes and if a change is calling you, it won’t just go away if you pretend you can’t hear it!   Listen to it, hear it and acknowledge that you’ve heard it. Admit that life as it currently stands is just not how you want it. Recognise the ‘thing’ that’s missing.
  • Decide
    Many of us put off making decisions because we’re scared of making the wrong ones but the truth is, it is far more important that we actually make a decision than none at all. Like most things in life, it comes down to choice – the choice to do or the choice not to do.

    There is something both liberating and motivating about actually making a decision and it never ceases to amaze me how the act itself can immediately cause things to shift. Making a decision literally free us up so we can move forward and make a commitment to that decision.

  • Commit to action
    This doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds! Having made the decision you can then start to get comfortable with the idea of what you want and what’s shifting in your life. You can ‘try it on’ and start to now imagine your life that way. THEN you can slowly move off in this new direction toward the change that’s been calling you. There’s no rush…simply keep honouring what calls to you and you will gradually transition into the change you seek.

Even if it’s scary to imagine making a big change, don’t con yourself by saying you don’t know what you want if you really do know. Don’t close the door on your dream just because it’s scary. Heed the call. Decide. Commit to action.

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